AQ2 by Dynamic [ 3.0.0 ]

AQ2 by Dynamic, (AQ2 merged by dynamic, AQ2 MBD) is an enhanced version of the default q2pro+ version. The version offers new skins, models, pictures, sounds, menus and more. The version has been compiled together by adding stuff from previous versions, public community members’ releases, combined with brand new stuff made by dynamic.


  • Improved textures, skins, and models

  • Better menus to offer more commands

  •  New sounds

  • New commands and features

  • Much cleaner root directory

  • Option to use old textures, player models and/or sounds

  • No need to use autoexec.cfg or other configurefiles

  • Installing to a custom directory is now possible

  • Client has not been modified. You can still play just like you have before with q2pro+ 


Download AQ2 MBD 3.0.0

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What’s different?

For the first sight, probably the most difference makes the visuals. Textures has widely been improved into more detailed high resolution ones. For models and skins, same apply.

Q2pro+                                                                                                 Q2pro merged by Dynamic






Changing teamplay skins, texture- and skymodes is easy:





Setting up radio messages, changing fonts, scopes and hud images has never been easier. Everything is accessible directly from the menus.


Try today! It’s totally free!

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Big thanks to:

  • creators of q2pro

  • the-A-team

  • All the people on the community!